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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fashion no-no?

I always thought there were rules about what could be worn to a wedding. I thought there were three fundamental rules:

  • Rule 1: Don't wear white.
  • Rule 2: Don't wear black.
  • Rule 3: Don't look flashier than the bride.
Imagine my surprise when I attended a wedding two weeks ago and discovered that:
  • The bride's mother was wearing white.
  • Almost every other woman was wearing black.
  • My friend and I were apparently the only ones who did not get the memo that black is OK at weddings.
We huddled in the corner, checking out the other women's dresses and whispering to each other while my son chased her daughter around the reception hall. You could wear black to a wedding??? Why didn't anyone tell us? Are we just losers who never get invited to weddings anymore, or are we losers who weren't notified in advance about the dress code?

You see, the philosopher king is getting married in a few weeks, and I figured that I ought to wear something other than jean cutoffs and a low-cut T-shirt. So I've been shopping. At the same time, my mom has been trying to find something to wear. I've had it easier, though, because there are restrictions on what the mother of the groom can wear.

I looked all over the mall and eventually bought a black dress last night. This was a matter of some discussion: was it OK to wear to my brother's wedding? We finally decided that I should call the philosopher king and find out if the blueberry princess would be upset if I showed up in black.

The Princess says black is fine. Mom picked up some accessories today so she will match the bridal party a bit better, and I bought a bejewelled purse to replace the fanny pack during the ceremony. I'll post photos shortly. If there's a problem, now is the time to say so.