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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

You ask, I answer

Reader-Submitted Question: Are you thinner? You look thinner.

This is a new one that has only come up since I started doing video blogs. Thanks for keeping the attention on my personal appearance instead of on my ideas. There is no point in telling me I sound smarter when you could tell me that I look thinner. Thanks, guys.

Yes, I am thinner. I will probably never be "thin" -- I am much too curvy for that -- but I am thinner since agreeing to become the Princess's online workout buddy eleven weeks ago. We send each other inspirational messages through the SELF website. For example, I send her e-mails that say "350 calories for a chai??? WTF???" and she sends me cute cards about David Hasselhoff. Now that I think about it, she is a much better online workout buddy than I am. Sorry, Princess. I am not used to having a sister.

I claimed I wasn't on a diet for a while, until Glen told me flatly that if I was trying not to eat too many calories, I was definitely on a diet. I really don't feel like I am, though. My mom is always on some weird eating plan (cream cheese rolled in salami??? WTF???) and I suppose that's what I think of as a diet.

I will probably live to regret saying this, but it hasn't been hard. I eat just about anything I want. The hardest part has been realising that I need new clothes. There are not a lot of places to buy clothes around here, and I bought a ton of new stuff when I was in the States last spring. I can't just throw those things away. Twelve weeks ago I was in Victoria for a dear friend's wedding, and I bought a pair of jeans that fit quite well. Today I took them off without unbuttoning them. Steve says I am not allowed to wear them anymore because they fit like oversized sweat pants. This is a big problem, because they cost $80. It was tough for me to buy them in the first place, and even tougher to imagine throwing them away after only three months of use.

I don't own a scale, because I used to have a friend who had a serious body-image problem that opened my eyes to the fact that the scale can contribute to real sickness. I sort of wish I had one now, because it would be fun to know if I'm any lighter than I was when I started. I have lost five inches from my waist, three from my hips and two and a half from each leg. It is pretty freaky. I don't know what I expected when I started, and I don't know how long I'm going to keep going.

And no, I am not going to turn into a person who always talks about diets.


Cindy said...

"And no, I am not going to turn into a person who always talks about diets."

No, that would be me, lol.

Congratulations on having a fitter and healthier body!

Just take all of your nice clothes to a decent tailor, including those jeans, and have them taken in. That will be money well-spent.

Doing the happy dance for Megan! Losing unneeded weight is great.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are impressive numbers on the inches. *shrug* Forget the scale; that can sometimes be deceiving as to what you've really done for yourself. Sounds like you're doing very well for yourself, getting buff and trim.

Torq said...

heh, the whole diet thing is true. I refuse to think that I will EVER be on a diet because of the bizzare things that count as "diets" where we come from.