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Thursday, September 06, 2007

You request, I respond

Early poll results show that you want less of me and more of this:


Anonymous said...

Aaaah! Those dogs are ugly!

Dad said...

Well, the poll results need to be adjusted.
We want more of you, and absolutely none of this.

Megan said...

Dogs? What dogs?

That's a wrinkled DOG in his lap??? Well, that changes things.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know where you find these things, and I am definitely afraid to ask.

I am totally with your dad on this. I may not visit your site for a while, until I can finally cleanse my eyeballs. THIS is NOT what I signed up for with the polling.

Stephen Dawe said...

AHHHH!!!!! My Eyes! It burns!!!!!!

Seriously, you need to put some kinda warning on this stuff. I might have to sue you for the psychological trauma that's gonna cause me.

Please eliminate THAT kinda stuff for the sake of humanity. Think of the children!!!

ME + David = LOVE said...

DO NOT 'adjust' the results...David is a hottie and I want, in fact DEMAND, more of him...nude if possible!

And those puppies are just as cute as he is!