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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mommy's all right, Daddy's all right; they just seem a little weird

You Americans blow my mind. Well, Canadians do the same thing every once in a while, too -- I am trapped between countries.

This Larry Craig thing is just plain weird. Please take this completely unscientific poll:

You have been a senator for 30 years when you are busted for trolling for sex in a public bathroom. You plead guilty to a misdemeanor.

I admit that I thought this was shaky when I first heard about it. Foot tapping? OMG teh gays are gonna turn ME gay wiht thier FEET!!! He reached down? Run! RUN!!!

This seemed inappropriate and possibly disgusting, but not exactly something that would get a person arrested. That was before I learned that apparently these are well-known signals that people want to have sex in a public bathroom. I have never seen this sort of thing in a women's bathroom, but perhaps I haven't been looking carefully enough. In any case, it has got me wondering what kind of signals I might be accidentally sending to other people. Perhaps I button my jacket in the way preferred by cow molesters.

I wasn't aware that trolling was a crime, and I can't say I like the idea of morals police. As my American readers will likely agree, this is because I am a liberal atheist who hates all religions except Islam. However, I am not in favour of sex in public bathrooms. As my Canadian readers will likely agree, this is because I am a victim of the Christian patriarchy, and I need healing to open my eyes and make me more accepting of others' personal choices.