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Thursday, September 13, 2007

S&M for men = religious obligation for women?

More about Christian Domestic Discipline


Anonymous said...

Just a few comments:

1) Going on the nuttiness of the world, I'm sure there are S&M people into gendered roles and ones who are not.

2) This site kinda makes me think of the Christian polygamist site I happened upon once (males with multiple wives, not vice versa). It's weird the things people try to put under religion.

3) What is consent really? Many people consent to things with misgivings (including a raft of things we find societally acceptable). My personal opinion is that there are some things that should have restrictions even if the people doing it are consenting (violent porn comes to mind). As people we are not just fully autonomous actors, but also part of a society.

Megan said...

Consent is the big issue here, and these guys are careful to say that, for legal reasons (how nice!), they only approve of this if both people consent. For legal reasons, indeed!

They're also careful to say that this is not about getting your Christian freak on, it's about gender roles. God gives this authority to men because they're men. Women get beaten because they're women. It's not the sort of consensual thing that I would probably find distasteful but avoid commenting on.

The blogs are interesting (but heartbreaking) because a few commenters are clearly "into it" in a way the bloggers themselves are not. Clearly, these commenters are reading the posts in a different way than I am. The question is which of us has the correct interpretation. Personally, I'm inclined to think that a woman who talks about dreading a beating is not quite as into it as a person who sees it as a warm-up act.

The men, on the other hand, aren't making much of an effort to fool anyone. The religion is a cloak for their real intentions. Sure, guys, whatever you need. This is why I originally thought the site was funny and was going to talk about it on the Uriel blog. It looks like satire. I didn't get upset until I figured out that the women actually believed that they should be beaten just because they're women.