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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I will complain in the bitterness of my soul

Reader-Submitted Complaint: You post too often. How am I supposed to catch up? I go away for a few days and there are like ten posts. Your brothers post less often, so there's less work for me.

Geez, nothing makes you guys happy. You are a bunch of ingrates, seriously. Why don't you diss my taste in music while you're at it? What's next, are you going to call me Hippo Butt?

It's true that my brothers don't post as often as I do, but I can see why you'd like their blogs more than mine. Their blogs exist for different reasons than mine does. This is an exercise in narcissism. They have loftier goals.

Actually, I have a hard time believing that the philosopher king's blog is less work for the reader. He doesn't post often, so his comments box turns into a conversation. That's singular -- it's really the same conversation over and over. (My God's the real one! No, it's not!) To be part of it, you have to sit there refreshing the page. Otherwise, someone else's religion might seem more believable than yours, and you definitely can't have THAT.

I post every day, sometimes more often. I post more often when I see that a large proportion of my regular readers have been to the site -- this is my cue to put something fresh on the site. Admittedly, this is not a perfect system, because it completely misses the feed readers (I have about a dozen subscribers). Those guys could be refreshing madly, desperate for a new post, and I would never know.

I didn't get many responses to my last poll, probably because it was really just there to illustrate the silliness of the situation. However, this is your chance to make a difference to the blog.


Torq said...

Now now! I have not said anything about anyone's religion! I am just trying to figure out what can and can't be said about the ultimate nature of the universe!

It has actually been much harder than you would think.

Megan said...

Yes, I'm sure it's very difficult to find a way to reframe your religious beliefs in a way that makes them look like they're not religious.

Uriel wants me to tell you that she plans to break you with a rod of iron and dash you in pieces like a potter's vessel. She also said something about washing her feet in your blood. It's probably better if you leave me out of whatever you two have planned.

Anonymous said...

Call me a poor academic, but I find the Philosopher King's blog to be overwhelming for the sheer complexity. I like reading your blog for the humor, sincerity, and excellent criticisms. Keep it up!

Torq said...

Actually, I was considering using Uriel's morals for my next "whose moral structure sucks NOW" piece.

You may find that what I consider to be Religion and what you (and Uriel) consider to be Religion are radically different things. *shrugs* disagreements are inevetable and great for discussion.

Mrs: Overwhelming? ME? NEVER! (and I don't think that any of my profs ever cosidered me to be a "good academic" either!)

Megan said...

I should probably confirm that Uriel and I do not have the same opinion about what religion is.

Uriel is not actually religious, as most readers have guessed. She is a power-hungry freak who has found an easy way to control others and force mainstream society to "respect" her views. She believes that cloaking her vile opinions in religion is the best way to force other people to do exactly what she wants them to do. It appears that she's right.