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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Quick, quick!

The Christian Domestic Discipline site has de-password-protected itself. Hurry up, would-be wife beaters!

Here's my favourite quote from the entire site, from a true gentleman who calls himself "Pastor Bob":

If I demand that my wife wear anything that makes her uncomfortable, causes her pain or puts her health at risk, embarrasses or humiliates her, then I am no longer acting in the Spirit of Christ as commanded in Ephesians 5.

The context is important. Pastor Bob wants everyone to know that women can wear pants if they want to. Got that, guys? Your wife doesn't have to wear dresses all the time, as long as she lets you beat her whenever you think she needs it. It's in the Bible.

If the site makes you vomit, I've summarized it here. The two bloggers haven't posted anything in a while. I don't know if they've been driven underground or if they've been beaten so badly they can't blog.

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Karan said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who are these people?