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Thursday, May 17, 2007

What's in my CrapPod?

Sorry, I'm a bit sensitive today, I guess.

Although I have yet to confirm this with Uriel, I suspect that this might fit on a JPod. Or maybe not. Uriel's friends turned their backs on Amy Grant when she released an album in the '90s that wasn't overtly religious. They are fickle folk.


Stephen Dawe said...

U2? On a JPod? Can't see it, U2 has never really sold themselves as Christian, though it's hard to avoid. Most of the radicalized Christian subculture shun all things worldly, meaning anything that isn't openly labeled "Christian" at the music store.

This leads to interesting historical juxtaposition at chapters. Christians will read the openly pelagian prosperity gospel writers, while shunning St. Augustine (who is in the "classics" section).

mom said...

Which is it you don't like; the video or the song?

Megan said...

No, no, I love the song. See the post below this one?

Dad said...

If you watch "Rattle and Hum" (the U2 Concert film from the 80's) you will see this song done with a Church choir.
It's a great movie, even apart from this tune.