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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Our hero

If you're not familiar with Cute With Chris, you should be. We are addicted to his twice-weekly YouTube show. He's Canadian (note the old CBC T-shirt he's wearing today) and is the reason I know what Stephen Harper's cat looks like. I've been wanting to post his stuff for a while, but he kept killing his inner child, and I thought the blood spatter might not be the best way to introduce our latest obsession. Half of my readers are already concerned for my mental state, and I didn't want to push them over the edge.

UPDATED: Aaaaand here's the video with Stephen Harper's cat:


Glen said...

You stole my Chris, just remember he was mine first. Plus there's a facebook group called I "heart" Cute with Chris you should join.

Torq said...

Tisk Tisk Tisk. You Canadians and your use of vulgarity and high stakes voting to crush the self esteem of those poor defenseless... whatever he happens to be talking about today.

Yes. Your readers are right. You are clearly insane. The fact that there are large numbers of equally insane people out there is pretty scary.