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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I need to make a respectful request.

Please stop harassing me about the choices I’ve made. My choices are not evil, or wrong, or selfish. Yours are not permeated with divine approval. That’s right, I’m judging you for being so judgmental.

I can already tell from the responses I’ve received in the past few years that you are not going to like this, but here goes: It is possible for intelligent, reasonable people to make different choices than you do. If I talked to you about your choices in the same way you talk to me about mine, you’d be horrified. You’d probably rave about me for a while and then, realizing how you look to others, say that everyone’s picking on you but it’s OK, you’ve dealt with it for years and you can continue to bear this heavy burden.

One of these days I’m going to snap and grab Little Miss Know-it-All’s beheading knife.


Seriously Frivolous said...

I have a yellow onesie in my closet, much like Uma Thurman's from Kill Bill. It turns me into a justice-serving, ass-kicking machine when I put it on, and I only offer to do so for the dearest of friends. For you, I will don the onesie.

If someone keeps hauling out their judgemental hooey on you, LMKIA, let me know and you will hear the distinctive *snap* of the onesie as I prepare to kick judgemental ass.


Ben Holsapple said...

Well sure it's possible for intelligent, reasonable people to make different choices; they're just wrong.

Torq said...

Clearly I know nothing about people giving you flack (so it may or may not be warranted), but I want to agree with Ben. I suppose that it would be easier if we all just minded our own business, but I think it would also mean that we would care about each other a great deal less.