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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Presented without further comment from the public record

If you've been following Amy's case through the courts, you will definitely be interested in this link.


Amy H. said...

hey! I said lengthy and opinionated!!

Well, upon reconsideration, I realize you are a "name of employer withheld" employee and should not be making public statements on such topics.


Steve & Megan said...

This is true. As I drove home from work, I thought that perhaps I ought to address this.

I think it's clear to even the most humour-impaired readers that this is a personal blog and none of the opinions on here belong to my employer. And no, I don't worry that my boss will get upset about my lists of Google keywords. I work for a pretty good employer that doesn't freak out about stuff like this.

However, I do have some readers who are determined to misinterpret the things I say. (I can't think of any other reason they'd be cyberstalking me.) I think it's obvious that my employer doesn't communicate to the public on a blog next to videos of my son shaking his butt to Rick James music, but just to save these readers the momentary excitement that could come from this type of "confusion", I don't talk about work at all on the blog.