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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tattoos and bad jokes


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

That was awesome! How old is he? He reminds me so much of Colby it's actually quite freaky. And, you totally rock. I thought my sister and I were the only freaks that said "Guess what? Chicken butt!"

Torq said...

Heh, Ben always did have an odd sense of humor.

Also, what does his Tattoo actually say?

Megan said...

I have no idea what it says. Probably something wildly inappropriate, like the sort of thing you see on

Amy H. said...

OMG Little Miss Know-it-all missed National Grammar Day! I am shocked and appalled at this lackadaisical approach to the correction of grammar. Get with the program!!

Ben Holsapple said...

I have no recollection of this incident.

Amy H. said...

Now that I get home and see the video (my work blocks you tube) I can tell you that that tattoo is one of my campaign tattoos While it is upside down and I cannot guaratee that the meaning doesn't change that way, right side up it says VOTE.

Megan said...

Ben, you wouldn't have remembered it, because it wouldn't have been out of the ordinary for you. You would have just figured that it was yet another hilarious joke that came to you naturally, like "Guess what? Dominos! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

We made it worse, because after the confused stares, we would start to laugh. You were the Andy Kaufman of the family.