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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bagwatch: Wednesday morning

HAHAHAHAHA. Of COURSE my bag hasn't arrived yet!

My shoes are in there. I really, really need my shoes, especially when we get back home. If I have to replace everything in that bag, I am going to be really angry. I brought very little clothing from Name of Town Withheld, but I spent a lot of time and money in Edmonton on Friday so I'd have something to wear while we are on holiday. Grrrr.

So far, I've bought four shirts, two pairs of shorts, and one pair of sandals. I could be in a Gap ad. I had to buy underwear, too, but I refuse to provide an itemized list for the pervs who stalk my site, doing searches for things like "wife sex addict" and "Christian domestic discipline". I see you, freaks.

Sorry for the focus on my luggage, but I really can't think about anything else. I just sit here and stew in my anger.


Ricki said...

Poor you. Did you have insurance?

On another note, I'm assuming someone has already mentioned this, but I love how your title is just ONE LETTER away from the Hoff's most famous TV show! (See, there's at least one thing to smile about. . . okay, not really).

Seriously Frivolous said...

The anger, the helplessness, the fury at having to replace things that don't really need to be replaced... god bless Air Canada.
They have one more day before they have to fork over the cash.

Torq said...

I hate to be one to lean towards the ironic here, but didn't you say that you were visiting the "happiest place on earth?"

So they lost your bag! At this point they will either find it or not and it is beyond your control either way. My advice, just chill! Let some of that arctic ice melt away and just have some fun.

Just keeping it real.

Disclaimer: I am not here implying or insinuating that people who live in cold climates are incapable of having fun.

Torq said...

Oh, and is that a RHINO? That is awesome!

Megan said...

Ricki: I had to bring David Hasselhoff into it somehow. Also, I am pretty sure I saw him on a mural the other day. It was supposed to be an image of Norway, and there were several generic-looking people and a man who was obviously the Hoff. I pestered Steve to get a picture of it so I could show you guys, but he wouldn't. The Hoff is shy, you know.

Sally: What do you mean, they have to fork over cash? They have to pay me after a certain amount of time? I NEED TO KNOW MORE.

Torq: It's too easy for people with underwear to say that people without underwear are cranky. :)

Jackie S said...

This maybe is the obvious question... but did you happen to buy travel insurance?

Torq said...

Megan: I think you are making a pretty big assumption there! I'm just kidding, I have underwear... Or do I?

Just Kidding!

Or am I?