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Sunday, March 09, 2008

I do not like air travel

We're here, but our bags aren't.

Big sigh.

We got here at 5:00 this morning sans luggage. There are many reasons I hate Toronto, but one of the biggest is that for some reason they are completely unable to handle snow. First our flight TO Toronto was delayed by two hours. Then our flight FROM Toronto was delayed by two hours. We ended up making a run for the connecting flight, only to sit in the holding area for hours.

The good news is that apparently three of our four bags have been located and are on a plane to Orlando. We don't know which one is missing. Good times.


Karen said...

At least they know where your bags are. They could have gone to China. God love Toronto, land of the helpless, snow-fearing Canadians.

Good luck. You're on a beach - how much clothing do you need, really?

Alison said...

Any time I've ever had flight delays or lost bags... it's been in TO.

Megan said...

They DON'T know where our bags are. That's part of the problem. Also, they lied to us when they said they'd deliver our bags Sunday morning. LIES! ALL LIES!

And I can't exactly sit on the beach wearing my Name of Town Withheld clothes, can I? We only have the things that were on our bodies or in the carry-ons. Computers, diabetic supplies, and dinky cars. That's it.

Karen said...

Leaving aside the sad fact that you apparently brought multiple computers on your vacation (what part of leave the office at the office wasn't clear?), can you really expect Air Canada to do anything right? Have you learned nothing from the experiences of your many friends to whom this "bagwatch" is pathetically old hat?

Go forth and shop Megan. when else will you have such a natural excuse? And you can stick Air Canada with the bill. It is perfection under the sun.

KaranS said...

What I do not understand is this: How come when it snows in Toronto, that automatically results in lost baggage? Does the Collective Agreement for the Baggage Handlers have a clause that says when it snows they must lose the luggage or put it on the wrong plane? It doesn't seem to be a problem in Vancouver or Edmonton, and certainly, it doesn't seem to happen so reliably with other Airlines.

Hmmmm. Very suspicious.