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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bagwatch: Thursday morning

The phone woke me up, and I ran out to the front desk. They had something for me: MY BAG!!!

Yep, that's mine. I'm tired and bleary-eyed, but this looks like a RUSH tag. That explains why it took five days to complete a three-hour flight.


My hoodie! The one I've been wanting!

And there are my sandals! And my underwear! Wait. What about my bathing suit? I really want to go swimming today.


I am so happy to get my stuff back. I have been feeling pretty angry and helpless for the past week. Not really the way a person should feel at the Happiest Place On Earth.


Alison said...

YAY! So glad it finally arrived Megan. I hope you have a great birthday tomorrow and enjoy some time in the pool!

Anonymous said...

In the interest of public education, I need to tell you about a recent baggage travel mishap I had (BTW I'm a friend of the family from NL). Quick synopsis: had wonderful weekend trip in New York City, bought gorgeous new silver Tiffany bracelet while there, packed it in checked luggage on direct return flight, had it stolen out of box, out of suitcase by behind-the-scenes people at Newark Airport. So far, no one claiming responsibility, as Continental has a statement of liability where they will not take responsibility for anything of value - if you lose your socks, they'd cover that, but not jewelry, electronics, etc. Now that it's happened to me, I've checked around, and it happens surprisingly often! Just a word of caution.

And before you all say "why didn't she carry on something of such value?" I remind you that I'm the victim here...but I've learned my lesson, and I want others to learn from it too! (BTW - credit card will probably cover it, still working on that.)


Jenbuster said...

Good lord. Thank heavens you finally got your bag back! Woo hoo!

Karan said...

There is much rejoicing here, for you. We were following this very closely. I, too, am puzzled as to why it took 5 days to "rush" the bag to you. Perhaps they were out of tags or something and had to wait for the printer, or maybe "rush" means "whenever, she's on holidays and can't really do much".

At any rate, enjoy the rest of your vacation, friends.


scribe said...

Oy, we're flying to Orlando in 10 days on Northworst. I'm going to try to stuff everything into my carry-on. I can get by with 2 outfits for 5 days, right?

Way Way Up said...

I haven't had a bag of clothing get sidetracked like that before but I did have a parcel containing a rather pricey phone that got misplaced during a flight in northern Manitoba. The darn thing was accidentally sent to another community and then went through at least two other communities before I finally got my hands on it. I was pretty furious. I'm sure if it was something like a suitcase, my head would have exploded from the increase in blood pressure.

Cin said...


And may I just add that you look fabulous, Meg!!!!!!!!!!!

nicole said...

I'm glad you finally got your bag!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Yea!!! I have been following very closely, it was getting a bit nail-biting there! BTW, did you hear anything about NWT Blogs being in the paper up here? I'm frantically searching down a copy of Monday's paper. I happened to glance at someone who was buying the last copy at the store and there was a BIG bold title called NWT blogs. And when I go to the North News Online thingie, it gives me the title but not the article because I don't have a subscription. And, of course since the hand game tournament was in the same paper that was held here it's the only time I can't find a freakin' newspaper in this town! I'll keep you posted.

Megan said...

Tina: Yes, I saw the paper. It was great. I have to say that, because the reporter reads my blog. :) No, seriously, it was. Amy rocks in so many ways.

I think the pay wall comes down after two weeks, but I don't know that for sure because I have a subscription.

You should be able to get one by going to Name of Paper Withheld next time you're in Name of Town Withheld. They sometimes have back issues available. Their office is across from Subway, on the road they like to call "the Gaza Strip". Just follow the crack dealers. No, seriously.

Karen said...


The stuff you bought looks excellent. And so nice it finally arrived. I should say that at my conference in Whitehorse, a guest speaker from Toronto had his only bag sent to Korea. It still hasn't arrived and he's already gone home. He had to go to Walmart and buy a few clean shirts when it became obvious the bag wasn't going to turn up. Still, it was nice to have a guest in a plaid hunting shirt and jeans talking to a bunch of lawyers in suits!

Have I ever told you how Air Canada once sent my luggage to Beijing, instead of Montreal? I've never been anywhere in Asia, but my favorite bag has. I'm so jealous....

Karen said...

Oh, and as for sending expensive stuff in checked luggage? On my first trip to Europe, my bag was broken into somewhere between checkin in London and delivery in Madrid - they stole a blue fleece pullover from...WalMart. So who knows why someone breaks into a's not always for a Tiffany bracelet.