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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saskboy's Meme

Saskboy has tagged me with a true Saskboy-style meme. It's the only meme in the world where you make up your own rules. He has threatened to afflict David Hasselhoff with another drinking problem if I don't comply. Obviously, I have no choice.

I present: Megan's Multiple Personalities Talk About The Meme.

1. David Hasselhoff Freak: It doesn't matter what this meme is really about. I can make it about the Hoff. All men aspire to his hairy manliness, and he is a star of stage and screen. He's even better in slow motion.

2. Little Miss Know-it-All: Lists are a lousy way to get information to the public. Especially top-10 lists. They're too cutesy, too formulaic. Think harder and come up with something better.

3. Uriel: I refuse to take part in this -- I won't even say it. I was interested at first, but that was before I found out that Richard Dawkins invented the word. It is clearly an atheist plot, and it is basically the same thing as forcing children to sin. Do you really want to go into the lake of fire? No, I'm really serious. I'm booking seats on the observation deck in heaven, and it would help if I knew when your roasting is scheduled. It really is a shame that you're going to hell voluntarily. Anyway, which of the believers wants popcorn?

4. Sister, mother, daughter: HAHAHAHA! Just kidding, Dad!

5. Fleetwood Mac fan: I wonder if I can bring Rumours into this somehow. Nope, probably not.

6. Canadian: Memes are nice. And I am nice. So are you. I'm OK, and you're OK. No need for anyone to get mad at anyone else, right?

7. Meta-blogger: It's pretty interesting that memes have caught on as much as they have. On one level, they create links to and from other blogs, which increases traffic and is generally good for bloggers. But clearly, people aren't just taking part in memes to get a link exchange.

OK, I'm done. Now, I have to tag three people, so I'm tagging A., Matt, and Jackie. If you don't participate, Rebecca Eckler will haunt your dreams, you'll have to go back to drinking vodka in the bushes, and you'll never get a cab. Pretty scary, eh?

Remember, the rule is that you make up your own meme rules. You are encouraged to modify the prophecies of doom for your tagees. Go forth and meme.


Saskboy said...

I'm sure the Hoff will still be inflicted with more drink, but good try at saving him.

Jackie S said...

Dude, I don't even KNOW what this is. So I hereby decline the invitation. Bring it Eckler!

Karen said...

It would have helped, I think, if you'd told your dedicated yet not so tech savvy friends (like me) what this key concept of "meme" is before mocking it. I think it might have added to the experience....

A. said...

I will fill my dreams with big words that Eckler will have no hope of surmounting to get to me.

There! Problem solved!