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Monday, March 31, 2008

Rick Mercer visits Name of Town Withheld

No matter where you live, you definitely want to watch this video.

Non-Canadians: Rick Mercer is a political satirist from the same town Steve and I are from. He is the Canadian version of Jon Stewart. There are very few famous Canadians, but I think he might qualify.


Way Way Up said...

Great video. I didn't get a chance to see the entire segment when it originally aired. At least I can beat Mercer at airplane.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Megan.
Two corrections/disagreements:
#1. If a person is actually famous, you don't have to explain who he is;
#2. Rick Mercer is not a version of snotty Jon Stewart. (Canada DOES have versions of Jon Stewart.)


Megan said...

Famous in Canada, I mean. Most "famous" Canadians can be identified by the whispers around them: "Isn't that Alanis?"

Rick Mercer's a bit above that level, but he still doesn't get mobbed the way an American celebrity would, or even a Canadian celebrity in the U.S.

We do have celebrities on the American scale, mostly because they've moved to the States: Pamela Anderson, Celine Dion, Howie Mandel.


scribe said...

Rick Mercer is not nearly as funny or smart as Jon Stewart.