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Monday, December 08, 2008

You've got your ball; you've got your chain

Reader-submitted question: I don't understand why you like Stevie Nicks.

Well, I don't like YOUR taste in music, either.

I've always liked gutsy older female singers. I love Cher and Annie Lennox and Madonna. I am not a huge fan of too-cool or too-cute younger singers in tight tops. I don't care if you kissed a girl and liked it; I prefer the Philosopher King's version of that song: I Kissed A Squirrel. (Sorry, Katy Perry, but interspecies relationships are MUCH more interesting than wanna-be lesbians, at least when you don't provide any context.)

I don't write about my secret hopes and fears: I'm not nearly strong enough to put those things out there for you to read. Yes, this would probably be a better blog if I put more of myself into it; still, I can only hint at those things. I'll probably never tell you that I'm wild-eyed in my misery or that no one looked as I walked by. I admire writers who are tough enough to say that.

If you don't like Stevie but still like Fleetwood Mac, you're probably a Lindsey Buckingham fan, and who could blame you?

If you ever visit me at work, there is a better-than-average chance that this song will be playing on my iPod.

When I renamed my blog I immediately attracted a group of readers who are hard-core Fleetwood Mac fans, although this wasn't my original intention. They don't usually show themselves in the comments section -- they keep their visions to themselves -- but I know they're here and I'm glad they've decided to stay.

Thanks for your question.


allmycke said...

Jeepers! Must be nice to have enough time that you can write comments about your dislike of someone else's taste in music.

Now, I happen to like Stevie Nicks AND Lindsey Buckingham, so what does that make me??? A real nutter, or...

The Coconut Diaries said...

I love the questions you get sometimes. Here is one for you: If you could reach through the computer and slap people who leave you stupid questions, would you exercise that privilege?

The Coconut Diaries said...

...and would it be a privilege or a right?

Dad said...

"I watched him flail, and I liked it..."
Thanks for the Fleetwood Mac video, Megan.

scribe said...

I just got tickets for March 8 at the Palace. My daughter is so bummed she can't go as she'll be at college. She is classically trained, and says it best, "You don't know or appreciate great music if you don't love Fleetwood Mac." Amen.

Torq said...

For the record: That was not MY version of the song. I didn't come up with it or publish it anywhere! That was something which the Blueberry Princess heard from a certain art teacher at her school. I was just passing along a work of ready made genius.