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Monday, December 15, 2008

Best NWT Blogs

OK, so Clare is well ahead of me, as usual. The Nunavut bloggers seem much more coordinated than we are. (Or maybe it's just that Clare is more coordinated than *I* am.)

Who's up for the 2008 NWT Blog Awards?

I propose the following rules:

  • To be eligible, a blog must be about the NWT or written by a person in the NWT.
  • Anyone can nominate a blog for the contest.
  • Winners will be chosen by judges, who will also provide the prizes for their categories and can be non-bloggers or from outside the NWT.
  • To be eligible, individual blog entries must have been published in 2008.
Please let me know:
  • What you think of these rules: I'm open to other ideas.
  • If you are interested in judging one of the categories.
  • Which categories we should include (check out the Canadian Blog Awards for some ideas).
You can either leave a comment or e-mail me privately: dryas at theedge dot ca.

I will ask judges not to judge categories they will be entered in, and to put real effort into choosing between the blogs that are nominated: I would love it if this contest could draw attention to the undiscovered gems of the NWT blogging world rather than just confirming who has the most readers.

If there's no interest in running a contest this year, we won't do one.


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely interested!

How about, for starters:

-Best blog (overall)
-Best blog named Ferry Tales (hehehe)
-Best photography
-Best post
-Best series

That's pretty much bare bones, but if I think of more I'll let you know.
I would judge one but I can't think of a prize I could provide.

Mongoose said...

I'm out, I don't have any money to spend on prizes.. What I think is, instead of having nominations, we could come up with the most comprehensive list of NWT blogs we can (as opposed to NWT Blogs where people have to volunteer their own blogs), make it into a Reader page, and then judge based on that. Nominations are lame in my opinion because people still nominate their friends, or pretty often, themselves.

Mongoose said...

Ok, so I thought about your category question, and I think it's hard to categorize our blogs because 1) there's so few of us and 2) most of our blogs are general. So, mostly I'm looking at is as "dimensions", really, except for these two categories:

1 - Best Family Blog (I hate those, but it's not all about me, I suppose)
2 - Best Theme Blog (e.g. the football guy or yourself)

For "dimensions" I would suggest the following:

1 - photography
2 - photos of the NWT (yeah yeah, everyone's kids are adorable blah blah blah whatever)
3 - sense of place
4 - sense of self (of the writer's self, that is)
5 - opinions, news and rants
6 - dark / surreal / weird
7 - voice (or tone, or whatever you want to call it - rather than "humour")
8 - grammar, spelling, punctuation
9 - cutest dog
10 - creativity (either creative blogging or creative endeavours of the writer reported on the blog)

Any of these can go equally well to whole blogs or to individual posts.

I still volunteer to judge the cutest dog. I can afford to buy my dog prizes. :)

Alex said...

I like the ideas mentioned by Mongoose...although it's definitely going to be tough to break it down into categories since there's so few of us.

uhh Sorry I didn't have anything more helpful to contribute to this discussion. *shuffles out of room*

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

What about "Best Still-feels-like-a-northern-blog-but-technically-isn't-one-anymore". :)

Mongoose said...

It could include any blogs that were northern blogs for part of 2008.

Megan said...

How about if we say that individual posts can be included if they were written in the NWT, but that a blog that is no longer written in the NWT is not eligible for the categories that judge the blog as a whole?