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Friday, July 11, 2008

Who's up for some self-denigration?

For some reason, Saskboy volunteered to be savaged by the guys at Ask And Ye Shall Receive, who, predictably, savaged him:

"From all accounts I’ve gathered in my sleuthing of this analogy, anal-sex is uncomfortable, at least at first; Abandoned Stuff is the blog-equivalent of banal-sex, in which the adrenaline-gland is dry-humped by the flaccid cock of mediocrity, and, holy fucking hell, I’ll put that up against anal-sex on the "uncomfortable" scale any goddamn day of the week."

As a Canadian, I was at first horrified by this comparison, but then became intrigued as I considered the possibilities. I think we should all come up with similar descriptions of our blogs, although ours should be grammatically correct. I'm totally serious. I'll get you started, but I want you to post yours in the comments:

Reading Megan's blog is like having my nipples twisted: I'm slightly turned on, but it's completely lost in the pain and my horror that it's actually happening.

I might make that the tag line for my blog when I move over to

Your turn.


Saskboy said...

You sure you want to do that? Having "nipples", "twisted" and "snow covered hills" all in the same blog might get you some VERY interesting visitors... ;-)

Megan said...

My brother, the Capitalist, called his blog A Perverted Truth. He gets a ton of searches for "perverted moms".

Wait, now I will, too.

Way Way Up said...

hey I'm a Top Commenter....yay me!


Way Way Up said...

Oh....and yeah I've had lots of weird search words come up. one of my favorites is "old ladies and young boys" (shudder)

Megan said...

What, no vivid yet disgusting description of your blog? Here, lemme try:

Way Way Up is like colonic irrigation using ice cubes: it's probably good for me, but I wish it wasn't quite so cold.

Hmmm. That one doesn't quite roll off the tongue. Also, I'm not convinced of the value of colonic irrigation.

The Top Commenters widget processes the last 500 comments, so people who've been around for a while may find that they move down the list. Torq has already asked if he gets some sort of prize. That is an interesting idea: perhaps every 100 posts I could give away something weird, like the dried crocodile head that is sitting on top of my TV. (My husband will buy ANYTHING if I don't watch him closely.)

Curtis Groom said...

Wow, you have a dried crocodile head... I am so jealous. I tried making my own but I'm just not that handy around the corpse of a croc. You truly are one of the blessed ones, you have so much and yet your husband keeps on giving. You should put the head up for auction, you'd have my attention. CG

akeeyu said...

How about "Reading Megan's blog is like the sex you pretend to enjoy in the dead of winter while you're actually just using your spouse as a heat source because you're too cheap to plug in the electric blanket."?

Megan said...

I like that one.