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Monday, July 07, 2008

Back in Canada

This will be brief. We are in Halifax, and it is a lovely place. I lived here for four years while I was working on my degree, and my first job after graduation was at the MotherCorp station here in town. I love it.

We left Maine this morning and had breakfast at the Governor's in Bangor. It's a family tradition -- we used to stop there for breakfast and then drive home to Newfoundland. We had breakfast with my parents, who fly back to Florida tomorrow morning.

My parents were very surprised. I can't believe we kept our visit a secret for so long. Only my brother Matt (AKA Torq, AKA Philosopher King) and my uncle Rick knew we were coming. It was great.

I have Internet access here, but will probably not be back to regular posting for a few days. I want to walk in the public garden and look at the beautiful trees.


Alison said...

I LOVE Governor's! I haven't been there in years :) Looks like we missed you guys by 10 days. We'll be in Hfx soon too, and Saint John, and Pugwash :) Have fun at the gardens... although there are significantly less trees since we lived there.

Anonymous said...

You just can't go wrong with Gov's, especially breakfast. I've spent many good meals with many awesome family and friends there. Well, mostly at the Old Town restaurant.

Gifted Typist said...

I'm at the cottage for the summer, otherwise, it would've been great to hook up
have fun, you're getting some great weather.

IF you're heading to the Northumberland strait email me giftedtypist

A. said...

Where did you go for university? My husband was at SMU.

Megan said...

I have a journalism degree from King's.