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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Grampy

Transcriber's Note: I discovered this in my drafts folder. Clearly, it is from just before our last trip south. I didn't want to post it then because I didn't want to let my parents know that we were going to show up at the annual family reunion.

My grampy was tricking me. He said that only old people could wiggle their fingers like him, but I figured it out and I am gonna show it to him when I see him. And he snaps his fingers really fast. I am good at snapping my fingers and I am gonna be just as good as him.

I am good at other things, too. Like I am really flexible, and I don't think he is as flexible as me. And I am a good skier. I once skied for three miles in minus 45 and I wasn't even cold. And nobody else was with me because they all thought it was too cold. I bet I am better at skiing than my grampy.

My dad says that Grampy looks like Indiana Jones, but I don't think so. My grampy has a big big head, and Indiana Jones has a skinny head like my dad's. So I don't think they look the same.

From Michael


Anonymous said...

I think you a certainly more flexible than Grampy is! And you have almost caught up with Grampy's finger-snapping, so you will pass him, eventually. Grampy is running out of tricks! Oh well... at least he can play the mandolin!

Torq said...

Hmmm... Yes. And his head is most definitely bigger than Indiana Jones'!

Anonymous said...

Kids say the darndest things. Keep him away from my hips, though. I don't need an honest appraisal of their size.