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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hockey Scores: Hockey Night in Canada


Saskboy said...

We need more YouTube vlogs with head bopping to Canadian TV themes.

Skinny Dipper said...

I don't get it. CTV bought the original hockey theme song for millions of dollars; the CBC is offering a contest in which the winner will receive a measly $100,000. It I were Mr. Aube, the creature (sp?) of HOCKY SCORES, I would hold out and expect an offer of a kajillion dollars from the CBC.

That song is so baaaaaad that it's gooooood!

To the CBC: Don't **** with the sheep.

Saskboy said...

The gun shots at the end crack me up.. every.. time.

jen said...

hahaha your hilarious! You said that the fans had chosen this for first place? Where can we all go vote for this?

Megan said...

You can go to
to vote.

Karen said...

I do believe you have finally gone over the edge.

Although watching you bleat like an angry sheep did make my afternoon :)

Anonymous said...