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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Share: Ready, set...

Welcome! Here's the list of Blog Share participants:

Vent Vox
Turn On The Stars
Trudie - Life After AC
Swimming With Sharks
Stefanie Says
Shhh! Librarian-In-Training
Sauntering Soul
Sass Attack
Reflections in the Snow Covered Hills
Red Red Whine
Our Simplicity
One New Duck
Oh My Seven
The Occasional Truth
No Lady
Nancy Pearl Wannabe
Muse On Vacation
Messing With Texas
Melliferous Pants
Live Work Dream
Just Below 63
Java Literally
Full of Snark
Face Down
Ex Everything
Everything I Like Causes Cancer
Did I Say That Outloud?
The Daily Tannenbaum
The Coconut Diaries
Bright Yellow World
Breath Smiles Tears
And You Know What Else
3 Carnations

Blog Share allows people to write things they normally would not post on their own blogs. There are a lot of reasons people don't want to post things on their own sites: it's not all about backstabbing and secrets. I always have a lot of fun during Blog Share, and I think you will, too. My anonypost will go up tonight, and I have posted something anonymously on one of these sites. I will not be blogging again until Thursday.

New readers, I'm thrilled that you are here. I'm a wife and mom from the Canadian Arctic. (Have you ever seen Ice Road Truckers? That's where I live.) I blog about many things, including grammar, journalism and David Hasselhoff. If you like what you see here, please consider subscribing to my RSS feed.