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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You'd see the truth, but you've closed your eyes

I try not to get too upset about things.

So I was relatively calm when Steve ordered a wig that looks -- well, kind of girly. It's a shag wig. You know, far be it from me to judge and all that.

Then he asked me to help him pick out striped pants. He also started listening to the Village People.


Never fear: He can explain.

He has a school dance coming up and plans to re-invent himself as Simon from this video, including the fancy dance moves:



Trudie said...

Will you be ready with the splints, mitellas or at least T*ger B*lm afterwards :-)

Karen said...


This seems like an interesting choice of "costume" for a school dance, on so many levels, really. Is the dance an homage to musicals of the early 70s? Will there be pot-smoking? Can Steve actually dance?

If he'd open his eyes, perhaps he'd recognize that Simon Zealotes is, you know, black in JCS. And in a non-JCS world, he wouldn't need a wig, those awesome shoes, or the Village People.