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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Everybody cut, everybody cut...

Dear everyone,

I saw a play with my mom and dad. And there was a guy who looked like my grampy. And he was a minister like my grampy! But he didn't like dancing. He only liked going to church and bossing people around. But in the end he changed his mind.

From Michael


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
I saw this movie, a long time ago, but I remember the minister. Ministers in the movies are usually bad.

Anonymous said...

All the real ministers I know like going to Church and dancing, both. Some of them even dance in Church. (Your grampy doesn't do that, but maybe I will try it, someday!)


Megan said...

Hey, the minister in the movie was John Lithgow! He was awesome!

Michael's right: the actor in the play really did look like you from where we were sitting, but he was nothing like you.

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie a long long time ago, and I remember being irritated with the cliched uptight, repressed "fundamentalist preacher" character (a staple in cinema). But perhaps my memory is not so very good!