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Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Anything you post about her is just too stupid to make up"

Reader-submitted question: Who else is laughing at [name of narcissistic Canadian "author" withheld]? I mean, if she's still showing up in Toronto papers, she must have some sort of cult following, but please tell me that the majority of the English-speaking world is pissing themselves as they ridicule her.

I had to get help with this one. The normal rules of publishing would lead me to believe that she must have SOME readers.

My informant tells me that she sold several thousand copies of her memoirs (there have been three so far). Canadian publishing is a tough gig, and almost nobody's making any money at it. Clearly, someone is reading these books, though. I am guessing they are the same people who hang out on her blog, Nine Pound Dictator. You can Google it. I'm not linking to her.

From what I can tell, her fans are almost all women with small children who have nothing in common with her. However, they appear to identify with her stories about being a terrible mother.

I really do have to address this. Many, many women feel like Failed Mommies. We cannot live up to the standards set by the Stepford Mommies who hand-sew Halloween costumes and attend every school lunch. However, that does not mean that we should embrace a narcissist as our ideal, especially someone who brags about spending as little time as possible with her child. (Sample quote: "I watch Nanni Mimi feed (the baby) and it's a process that can last sometimes about to an hour. I do not have that kind of patience.") PEOPLE! What is WRONG with you?

Rest assured, though, that she is the joke of the Canadian publishing world. Fellow Canadian writers: Is there anything you'd like to add?


scribe said...

I'm an American writer. She's a joke in this country as well (among those who even know who the hell she is, and believe me, there aren't many who do). Can you keep us posted on how many units of her latest book get sold? I hope it does so poorly that Key Porter books rethinks their relationship with her. BTW, is she still looking for herself on your blog?

Megan said...

Yes. I am getting a lot of searches for her name, especially now that her book has come out, but I recognise her IP address.

Cin said...

Well, I'm dying to interview her just so I can stick it to her.

Megan said...

Ooooh, that would be great. I was thinking about doing that, but decided against it. You know, she's taking interviews. I posted all of the contact information about a week ago.

Mrs. Polly said...

I had the happiness of living in ignorance of her, but that's gone now. Went to her blog and she's just as advertised. Upset she had to pay for juice her daughter dropped in the store,oddly embarrassed when her little girl pretends to be pregnant, hanging up without apology when she misdials her cell and then freaking that they call her back. All on the first page!
Sad to say, I live in a city full of Mommies like her, absently chatting on their cells while walking next to giant tandem strollers pushed by tired nannies from warm climates. People have to dive off the sidewalk to avoid being gouged in the shins as the little parties roll by.