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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I never did believe in the ways of magic

Reader-submitted question: Did you see the story about Dooce in the Wall Street Journal? It's maybe food for thought, or something.

No, I hadn't seen it until you mentioned it. I don't follow Dooce (Heather Armstrong), but she has inspired many women to start their own blogs. Dooce got fired after writing about her work and colleagues, but has become one of the most successful mommy bloggers. I was especially interested in the way she deals with complaints: she runs them over with her car. I prefer to post them on my blog, but we all have our own ways of dealing with our critics.

I'm not really a mommy blogger, but I do write about my family quite a bit. This blog is the only thing I have that's just for me, but "me" includes my relationships with my family and friends.

I'm not sure if this reader is suggesting that I should get fired and look for advertisers, but I am not nearly adventurous enough to try that. I have never been fired, and wouldn't know where to start. (Forces of Evil: Any ideas?)

I'm worried I wouldn't get advertisers, either. In fact, I read several blogs about how to be a good blogger, and apparently I am doing everything wrong. The blog-improvement blogs are close to unanimous on one point: your blog must be focused. It has to be THE PLACE TO GO for one thing, and you need to write the hell out of whatever you decide your blog is about. I'm not doing that very well for the casual reader: David Hasselhoff bondage videos sit next to grammar tips. I do think I've succeeded in making this blog all about me, though. If you come here every day, you probably know what I'm all about. But I'm not at all convinced that I'm marketable.

Thanks for your question.


Mongoose said...

The key to getting fired successfully (i.e. and still get EI) is to do your job absolutely perfectly, and yet in a perniciously annoying way, so that they can't give any remotely plausible reason for firing you, but they can't stand to have you there another day.

Try to get your ROE and your last cheque in your hand before you walk out of HR's office that fateful day. Otherwise it can take months some times to get it out of them.

Good luck. :)

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

If I had to focus my blog on one thing, I'd lose the few faithful readers I have. I'm just not a one topic kinda girl. Glad you're not either. :)

Noelle said...

I like to just keep writing my blog until I find my flow. I do take heed from the Dooce warning and I don't blog about anything that happened at work, unless it is occasionally relevant. I do spend 1/3 of my life there, after all.