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Thursday, August 23, 2007

An interesting turn of events

I've been going to bed early for the past couple of weeks. The days have felt very long, and I'm too tired to stay up past nine or so.

It's too bad, because I missed this appearance on the Colbert Report a few days ago. It certainly inspired Steve: he came running into the bedroom and said he wanted to buy Dr. Shermer's book. Fortunately, I already own it, so it was in the pile next to my side of the bed.

Steve does not usually read books; he is more of an Internet guy. In fact, this is the first time he's ever wanted to buy a book based on a television interview. I am also a big fan of the Internet, but I have never been able to get to sleep without reading, and laptops aren't great for that. I subscribe to a bunch of magazines so I always have a constant stream of reading material, but I like to watch the Colbert Report because he usually interviews an author with interesting things to say. (There's something odd about the fact that the only late-night shows that feature people with ideas are the ones on Comedy Central.)

Really, I should subscribe to Dr. Shermer's magazine. I'm sort of a fan. I'm almost wishing I hadn't told Steve that I owned the book, because he took it out of town with him. That means it's not available for ME to read, and of course it's all about me.

My family may be familiar with the good doctor from his appearance on the philosopher king's blog a few months ago. Please note that I do not recommend watching the linked video unless you are desperate to kill two hours and don't mind listening to a convicted felon explain why his bizarre religious beliefs are better science than real science: you know, the kind that scientists do. I do not have much time for idiots on this scale, especially idiots who create fictitious credentials for themselves. (Sample argument: "There is one little thing you haven't explained. Therefore, my alternative theory wins by default even though there is absolutely no evidence for it.")